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          J & M's Woodworking is based out of Bloomingdale Ga. Jason started doing custom wood work when his wife wanted a shelf for the guest bathroom. From there, he just continued to see he could build his own custom pieces for a better price and he began making custom pieces for friends and family. Jason loves the work that goes into designing the custom work. Customers may purchase similar products, but there is always a difference in every piece made. In the gallery you will see pieces from farmhouse tables, cornhole boards, dog kennels, challenge coin holders and so much more.

         After moving in to there current house in 2017, he has renovated one full bathroom, the vanity area of their other bathroom and removed a pantry and turned it into a sitting bar with an open wall concept between the living room and kitchen, which is now his wife's favorite place to have dinner. With these renovations, customs orders came in that could not be built in his shop and these orders took place right in the customers home. 

         Melinda has always dabbled with crafts made of wood. From her CNC router to her mini lasers and now her Glowforge 3D printer. Her ideas are limitless. From custom hanging door signs, custom canvas pictures,  custom logo signs and now custom hat holders. If you have an idea and she can figure out the design, she can make it. Together, Jason and Melinda make up J & M's Woodworkng (their hobby business through LivieCreations).


When you make a request for a custom order, Jason and Melinda (mainly Jason because he has more patience) will take your ideas and bring them to life in your own custom piece. Please take a look at our galleries of the many pieces we have already made and we hope to add a picture of your custom piece to our gallery soon.

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